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What makes our customer service different than other registration companies?

We believe that being the best means having a personal commitment to each of our clients. We pride ourselves on being a service oriented company that truly listens to your needs. The real difference is that once you are a QMS client, we have the same commitment and investment in your success that you do.

What is your experience with continuing education (CE) verification and reporting?

We began servicing continuing education certificates nearly 25 years ago and now track CEs for a large number of our clients. Our current services include both onsite CE tracking and online CE management. Since we realize not every client has the same needs, we currently offer two different options for onsite CEU verification.

Can we utilize just some of your services?

Yes. We are capable of handling all aspects of your registration process. However, if you only require a few services such as badge printing or lead retrieval, we provide those solutions as well.

How cost competitive is QMS Services, Inc. compared to other companies?

Our value added solutions make the QMS investment very affordable. Customizing our services allows us to be cost effective and ensures you have everything you desire from a registration company.